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Mhd Ramez Al Rawas

Hello everybody,

It honors me to participate in BioVision.Nxt with you.
I hope I will get introduced to most of you even before we meet in Lyon.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Manfred Beleut

Dear everyone,
it is a pleasure and honor for me to participate in the Class of 2007. I am looking forward to meet you all in Lyon!

Wietse Vroom

Hi everybody,

As this appears to be (or become) the 'say-hello-section' of the forum, I'd like to take the opportunity as well to express my excitement of being on the class of 2007! I greatly looking forward to meeting you in Lyon; we'll have a good time with lots of interesting exchanges of minds, I'm sure.

Mohammed adilo chilalo

Dear all,

It is my great pleasure and honour to becoming a class of BioVision.Nxt.2007 with you. I am also looking forward to meet you all in Lyon.


Anna Laura Ross

Dear All,

I am delighted to have been selected as a BioVison.Nxt Fellow 2007 and I am very much looking forward to partecipating at the meeting next year. Although I am interested in all aspects of the conference, I am particularly interested in addressing the MDG 6 (followed by goals 4 and 5). I would be happy to start discussions with other fellows also focusing on the health aspects of the conference, in order to formulate ideas and debating issues to be proposed at the Forum in Lyon.
Email: annalauraross@gmail.com

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Meredith Crosby

Dear All,

I am very pleased to be attending the conference this year. I think that this meeting comes at a crucial tipping point in the current understanding of global scientific relationships. I hope that we may promote conversations that are seamless in the way that they engage our considerations of healthcare, scientific research, and economic/environmental sustainabilty. I look forward to meeting you in March.

Warm regards,

Meredith Crosby

Henry Roman

Dear all,
It is indeed an honour and a privilege for me to have been selected as a BioVision.Nxt fellow. I look forward to meeting all of you in Lyon next year.
Kind regards,

Andy Tatem


Looking forward to meeting you all in March over a few glasses of vin rouge!


Lise Levesque

Hi everyone,

I am very much looking forward to meet you in such participative frame as BioVision 2007. I am convinced that it will contribute to building bridges across disciplines that will help to address adequately the complex problems of our today's world. What tools should science develop and what can be done with what we already have? What bridges, or connexions or cooperation, do we need to use these tools to their full capacity?

I hope the BioVision discussions will give insightfull vision for action.

See you in Lyon,


Allauna, Zhiwei Cao, from Shanghai, China

Dear all Fellows and friends,

Today is the last day of BioVision congress. Tomorrow we are going back to the niches where we are from, and some are even leaving tonight.

This is the first time for us, China Doctors to attend Biovision. I would like to thank Abi, who put so much effots to get us here. Within the past few days, we have learned a lot, and thought a lot, although you may find that we were not as talktive as you expect.

These days i am thinking how to transfer so many ideas and decisions into action, in order to produce the maximum effect of Biovision. The meeting ends, but the vision goes. So that one day we are able to say: BioVision.Nxt 2007, we are proud of you!

Here is one possible suggesion from me. First we need to keep close contact even we are apart and live in the different corners on the globe. But Is it possible for us to take some collaborated projects together to address the issues we are all concerned, such as biosafety, or health problems,etc?

The funding could come from various channels such as biovision or respective local governments with the support of biovison organizaion.

It's just a rough proposal. Abi and other fellows, may i hear some of your comments?

I didnt put my photo and introduction successffully into the blog. Here is my contact infor which you may also find it in the list from Abi:
Dr. Zhiwei Cao, Allauna,
Emai: zwcao@scbit.org
MSN: czhw@hotmail.com
Shangahi center for Bioinformation Technology, Shanghai, China

If any of you guys come to China, esp. Shanghai, do let me know. I will show you the Chinese Culture and, most importantly, Chinese Food! :)

Allauna, Zhiwei Cao


When you make your mark in the world, watch out for guys with erasers.
-- The Wall Street Journal


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